Speaker on Responsible Innovation & Young Entrepreneurship. Edinbugh (UK) June 27-29

luglio 10, 2018 in Article, CSR, Education, Events, Management & Entrepreneurship, Research, Social Innovation

In #Edinburgh #UK to debate and discuss #social #responsibility and #sustainability at the The University of Edinburgh for the “World Symposium on Social Responsibility and Sustainabilityhttps://goo.gl/pMmEX1 , https://goo.gl/XTMwT4 .

Organized by the University of Edinburgh, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences #sustainable development , #climate change management, in collaboration with #IUSDRP Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme,  The Manchester Metropolitan University , #WorldSustainableDevelopmentTransferCentre. Proud to have presented the ongoing research on the initiatives developed by FAIR Italy to promote #responsible innovation #sustainable business #social entrepreneurship to young people. Honored to have chaired a session that lead to an interesting debate and perspectives with Lei Zhou Petras Shelton-Zumpano Johannes Luetz #mohamed walid  walter leal .