Speaker on Responsible Innovation & Young Entrepreneurship. Edinbugh (UK) June 27-29

luglio 10, 2018 in Article, CSR, Education, Events, Management & Entrepreneurship, Research, Social Innovation

In #Edinburgh #UK to debate and discuss #social #responsibility and #sustainability at the The University of Edinburgh for the “World Symposium on Social Responsibility and Sustainability” https://goo.gl/pMmEX1 , https://goo.gl/XTMwT4 . [...]

Our partner Es’Givien at Berlin Fashion Week: ACTE Rebelpin Fashion Awards

luglio 10, 2018 in Cicular Economy, CSR, Events, International business, News, Research, Social Innovation, Sustainable Fashion

We at FAIR are proud of @vivilla zampini CEO #ESGIVIEN , which we partner with, together with FASE, for their project on #Fashion & #CircularEconomy and commitment to #Responsible #Education [...]

Pinocchio for Sustainable Fashion, Circular Economy and Social Impact

luglio 10, 2018 in Article, Education, Events, News

Have you ever imagined to have #Pinocchio as the main supporter of #circulareconomy and #socialimpact in #fashion? It will happen on Sat July 7, for the 137th anniversary of Pinocchio’s [...]

New Book: Grassroots Sustainability Innovations in Sports Management

marzo 15, 2018 in News, Research, Sport

We are proud to communicate the latest publication from one of our members Grassroots Sustainability Innovations in Sports Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities Abstract. Progression in sustainable sports practices is an [...]