Vision & Mission


Alia in mundo

Being the bridge between the world of ideas, creativity and knowledge and the
world of business in order to contribute to mutual understanding and to the
realization of a positive clash of cultures.
Establishing worldwide a network of people with a holistic, sustainable and
systemic vision of the world in which they live and care about the sustainable and
ethical aspects and effects of their actions in societies.


Bridging Sustainability Excellencies through Culture and Knowledge

To contribute to the Education & Training of people and to
Communication and Research Activities through the
establishment of an international community that provides access to quality
knowledge to students, scholars and professionals from
governments, industries and institutions worldwide


The main value is the individual who wants to share her/his vision, ideas and experiences with an international community to change the world.


  • Sustainability
  • Holistic and systemic view
  • Cultural diversification
  • Values integration
  • Ethics


  • Expanding the Sustainable Excellence of “The Made in Italy” Culture wordlwide
  • Mobilizing resources for Research, Education, and Communication at the international level
  • Engaging ouselves in the service to organizations and places
  • Creating long-lasting partnerships in the field of Culture and Knowledge with international institutions and actors
  • Promoting International Networking among students, scholars, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Promoting International Networking among universities, firms and institutions
  • Realizing and developing Cultural Exchanges and Relationships
  • Sustaining multi-field development activities and hybridization of knowledge