Fair Update #41

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FAIR Academy: coming soon

Fair School 2021:  Continua il progetto Fair School 2021 per lo Sviluppo di Idee Sostenibili e Innovative in Classe. Conclusasi la prima fase con i 3 webinar per lo sviluppo delle idee, il prossimo appuntamento a fine aprile con l’Hackathon di primavera

Pubblicazioni: Springer e IntechOpen
FAIR partecipa alla pubblicazione dell’ Encyclopedia of the UN SDGs lanciata da Springer con assistenza editoriale e contributi a sul focus su due target dei diciassette. 
SPRINGER Decent Economic Growth 

Sustainable, Circular & Innovation Tracking 

Food: What’s the carbon footprint of lab-grown meat?
Cultivated meat seems to help mitigate the emissions of our meat-filled diets. How does it work?
Fast Company

US and the fight to poverty
What Can Biden’s Plan Do for Poverty? Look to Bangladesh

Climate Change
Jeff Bezos will spend $1 billion a year to fight climate change

Beyond hiring: Reskilling to address talent gaps
A survey finds that reskilling efforts is paying off.

Capability building in 2030
Four ways in which capability building could evolve in the next decade.

McKinsey’s interview to Beth Cobert
Interview on tapping into US talent

The Economic Consequences of Putting a Price on Carbon
How does carbon pricing affect the economy?

When the Wind of Change Blows, Build Batteries?
Optimum Renewable Generation and Energy Storage Investments.


EU Circular Economy Action Plan

For a cleaner and more competitive Europe

EU Circular economy Stakeholder Platform 

Leading the way to a global circular economy: state of play and outlook
EU Commission

EBA Guidelines on loan origination and monitoring

Sustainability-related disclosure in the financial services sector
EU Commission 

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