Eventi / Events

  • 10 Apr – 2° Salone della CSR e Innovazione Sociale Tappa di Firenze (Fair on CSR and Social Innovation. Florentine Edition) (co-designed and co-organized).
  • Spring 2018. Business Simulation on Sustainable Business at High School in Florence.
  • 8-22 May. Business Simulation on Sustainable Tourism at High School in Florence.
  • USA: events to launch the partnership between CNA Firenze, US Chamber of Commerce, ACF Fiorentina, with the participation of the US Consulate
  • Canada: June 12. Event to launch the partnership between CNA Firenze and Italy-Canada Study Center, with the participation of the Canadian Embassy, DG Trade EU Brussels, Quebec Government and many others
  • 27-29 June – 2nd International Symposium on CSR and Sustainable Business. Two papers selected to be presented. Edinburg (EI).
  • September. Participation at the International Expo in Shanghai (China). In collaboration with CNA Firenze.
  • 10-12 Dec. 2nd International Symposium on Sustainability Campuses. University of Hamburg, Manchester and Florence.
  • 14 Dec. 4th World Cafè on Sustainable Business and CSR.

Progetti / Projects

  • Presentation of the Fair Academy (Fase SC): Philadelphia 26-30May 2018 at NAFSA.
  • Startup presentation / rounds: business development abroad for 4 startup (Luxembourg, Germany and East Europe).
  • SelectUSA 2018. Participation, advising and International Business Development for one start up in the aerospace industry. Selected in Luxembourg for an acceleration Program. Representing it with US States. Developing contacts with Virginia Tech.
  • Designing and organizing Seminars and Workshops for High School Students and Civil Servants on Sustainable Business Simulations, Startup and Social Innovation for various partners and projects (Toscana 2020 Project in High School, Business Simulation at High Schools).
  • Course on the Responsible Use of News in Business. School of Business Sciences. Florence (Nov 2017 – March 2018).
  • International Business – Country Focus: developing (design, organization and management) in partnership and for CNA Firenze events and workshops for Florentine firms developing their activities in the following foreign markets or areas: USA, Canada, Germany-Austria & Benelux

Various seminar on Sustainable Business at the University of Florence