Associazione non profit per la promozione delle buone pratiche di sostenibilità ambientale e sociale di impresa con l’obiettivo di formare una nuova classe dirigente consapevole, responsabile e orientata alla sostenibilità quale valore condiviso.





About FAIR

The mission of the Association is to realize a positive clash of cultures by being a bridge between the worlds of ideas and creativity (young generations) and the world of business; by promoting activities involving people from all around the world; and by fostering research, study, discussion, and collaboration among a full spectrum of individuals concerned with Sustainability, Culture and Knowledge at the global level.

FAIR is located in Florence, a city worldwide known to be a center and a place for peace, arts, business and culture. Her history and soul is our nurture.


Consistent with this mandate:

FAIR brings the highest quality people to Florence to pursue projects in a place and atmosphere in which they interact with each other in a unique cultural environment.

FAIR‘s outreach emphasizes contacts between students, scholars and business people, and it extends their conversations worldwide through online communication.

FAIR aims to be relevant. It brings in broad-ranging scholars and leading thinkers whose ideas, creativity and interest in cross-cultural activities can illuminate the key issues or identify overlooked or emerging issues.

FAIR provides a forum for research and discourse through a number of programs and projects, with a particular strength in Sustainability and International Business, being intended to be a strong tool and advocacy of international understanding.

FAIR is nonpartisan. It is not an advocacy think tank developing specific policy recommendations, but a nonpartisan center for advanced study, a neutral forum for free and open, serious, and informed discussion.

FAIR tries to take a broader perspective to issues, putting them into their larger context, taking the systemic, holistic and sustainable view.

FAIR aims to be an intellectually lively place. It bridge people to engage in a dialogue on current and future cultural challenges, with the confident hope that through such meetings and exchanges there will emerge better understanding and opportunities.


Supporting Sustainability

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